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Flint, Michigan Area Fleet Maintenance & Repair Mechanics:  Onsite, Roadside, Shop

Delivery Trucks, Box Trucks, Vans, Semi-Trucks, Company Cars, Shop Equipment, Yard Equipment Repaired!

Vehicle City OnSite Fleet Services of Flint, Michigan eliminates the hassles of transporting your fleet of vehicles back and forth to repair shops by coming to your location. We estimate that 85% of all maintenance and repairs can be performed by our Certified Service Technicians  from our specially equipped service vehicles at your place of business, saving you time and money.

Diesel or Gas Engines

Vehicle City Onsite Fleet Services keeps your fleet on the road!

Genesee County & Flint, Michigan Fleet Truck Maintenance Service & Repair:

If a truck fleet is important to your business, then Vehicle City OnSite Fleet Services of Flint, Michigan was formed just for you. Our main goal is to keep your truck fleet running at peak performance and efficiency, eliminating costly down times. We are a locally owned and operated truck fleet maintenance and repair business and our market focus is Genesee County and surrounding areas.

Our service vehicles are equipped with top of the line equipment, tools, parts, and supplies to ensure your truck is diagnosed and repaired properly and in a timely manner. If any of your truck fleet requires more extensive maintenance or repairs, we will conveniently pick up your vehicle and bring it to our repair facility and return it to you when our service is completed.

  • Preventative Maintenance: We maintain your fleet by tracking the preventative maintenance schedule and letting you know when its time for service.
  • Major & Minor Repairs: We handle all major and minor repairs. No job is too big or too small. We partner with local glass, body, and tire shops to take care of all of your fleet needs.
  • Overflow Services: If you already have a fleet manager or mechanics on staff, we can provide overflow service to get your mechanics caught up.
  • Emergency Breakdown Service: Our patented Mobile Service Trucks allow us to get your vehicle repaired and back in operation with a minimum delay, eliminating towing charges and costly downtime expense.

We can improve efficiency for your Flint, MI area business fleet. Faster repairs, tracked maintenance and competitive pricing keep your fleet on the road and working for you!

  • Lube, Oil Changes and Tune-Ups
  • Radiator & Transmission Services
  • Electronic & Mechanical Repairs
  • Vehicle City performs most Fleet Services
  • Box Trucks & Semi-Trucks
  • Delivery & Service Vans
  • Work Trucks & Automobiles
  • Trailers & Equipment

Cleaner Work Areas & Environment

Our service vehicles are specially designed and equipped to perform 85% of all vehicle maintenance and repair requirements on site.

Waste oil is pumped into onboard holding tanks and disposed of through certified oil recycling companies. This keep the work area neat and clean without an oil mess.

CHECK US OUT! If you would like us to provide you with a free estimate of your fleet, contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable service managers. Scheduling your fleet services will be a no-hassle experience allowing you to move on to the other areas of your business.

We work with leasing companies.  Here are jsut a few we help in the Flint, MI area:

  • Emkay Fleet Management
  • Donlen Corporation
  • ARI Partner Connect
  • Wheels, Inc.
  • FleetNet America
  • Mike Albert Fleet Solutions
  • Enterprise Fleet Management

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