Whether it’s the middle of summer or twenty below, your comfort in the cabin is the key to working your best. Our technicians make sure your heating, cooling, and ventilation are in top shape so that you can stay on the road whatever the weather.

Stay on top of wear and tear

Heating and A/C systems get clogged and start to drip with regular use. This impacts the efficiency of your heating and cooling capabilities, your comfort and the cost-effectiveness of your vehicle. Regular maintenance keeps you and your vehicle working at peak performance. 

Signs your heating and cooling system may need service: 

  • The air smells damp like mildew and mold. This is generally an indicator that your A/C system is not removing enough moisture from the air.
  • Your A/C is only slightly colder than outside
  • Your heating is only slightly warmer than outside 
  • You struggle to defrost your windows
  • Your heating and cooling don’t work while idling
  • Weak airflow even at the highest fan setting 

Why do you need functioning A/C and heating systems? 

As a heavy-duty commercial driver, chances are you’ll be driving in all types of weather, in all types of climates. North America is known for its drastic climate range, so your HVAC system should be too. At Vehicle City, we’ll ensure your AC and heating systems are fully functional so you can work through those hot summer days and cold winter nights comfortably.

Performing routine maintenance for your heating and A/C systems is incredibly important, for, without it, large components may break. A/C systems are far easier to maintain than to replace or repair, so preventative maintenance is critical. Heating systems and A/C systems can get clogged up over time, simply through use.

Whatever the weather, we’ve got you covered 

For a comprehensive inspection of your heating, cooling, and ventilation contact our technicians.